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Air Conditioning Reinvented

Here is the portable energy-efficient future for air conditioning: let us keep you cool!

Sleep like a baby

Gentle, quiet, move it where you use it

Your Personal Air Conditioner

Refrigerated cooling comfort that works anywhere

Defeat the Heat with Close Comfort

Welcome to the future of air conditioning. New Australian technology that provides affordable refrigeration air conditioning, yet light, portable, convenient, no pipes, no water, no ice, no installation and can be used anywhere, even outside in sheltered places. Ready to use out of the box. Best of all, it consumes so little power you will never notice it on your electricity bill. A green Australian solution for a warming planet.


Portable and self-contained Move it where you use it. On wheels and easy to carry. Unlike room air conditioners, there's no installation, and you don't have to be near a window.

Economy, Sustainability

Save up to 75% on power costs It uses only 300 Watts: less than 75 cents a night. No need for expensive ducted air conditioning or air conditioners in every room. No more wasted energy cooling whole rooms or houses. Reduce your carbon footprint and adopt a Close Comfort sustainable life style.


Gentle focused flow of cool fresh air Localised cooling that provides comfort with a personal micro-climate. It works best with open doors or windows, allowing in fresh air for health and personal well-being. Open up your life to nature and avoid household pollution!

Close Comfort in Action

Various ways you can use Close Comfort