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Our products specialise in creating the most comfortable microclimate for you.

Save up to 75% on power costs
Close Comfort saves energy by using only 300 Watts. Its affordable, economic and sustainable.


Focused flow of cool air 
Localised cooling that provides personal comfort. It can work with the doors and windows open, allowing in fresh air for personal well-being.


Portable and self-contained 
No installation, ready to use straight out of the box and no water/ice or pipes to the window needed. Only 17 Kg, making it easy for everyone to use.

Explore the technology behind the coolest air conditioner

Be a part of the air conditioning revolution today!

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Close Comfort in Action

Various ways you can use Close Comfort

  • On the couch

    Enjoy low-cost, localised cooling while hanging out with friends and family or watching the TV.

  • In the bedroom

    Close Comfort is your ideal companion in the bedroom, offering a cool night's sleep without the huge electricity bills. For best results, use inconjunction with our specialised designed bed tent - The Igloo.

  • Infant care

    Create a cool and comfortable sleeping environment for your little one. Adjustable settings, with the remote control, means you can find the perfect balance.

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