About Close Comfort

Close Comfort is a Perth and Singapore based start-up company founded in 2007. 

For the first 6 years, Professor James Trevelyan worked with his students at The University of Western Australia, gradually developing localised air conditioning technology.  In 2013, he conducted tests in Pakistan, arriving in the hottest part of summer with indoor temperatures around 41°C, several degrees warmer than expected. The results exceeded expectations.

In 2014 a trial batch of 20 AC units were manufactured for tests with users in Pakistan. The results were good enough to justify an improved model with less power consumption which went on the market in 2016.

Since then, further models have been developed and released to market globally.

Further research and development is continuing as we work to continually improve and innovate in the design and functionality of our unique, patented solution to give people the best possible experience with Close Comfort.

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