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2-Jan-2018: Penny told us: "This invention is absolutely fabulous.  I live in a large rented house and the landlord won't allow me to install an air conditioner.  It's so helpful for me."

7-Jan-2018: Ryan Wakeling (on Facebook) wrote "Final verdict is 4 out of 5 stars. There is room for improvement and I predict future updated models will reach those goals. Would I recommend? Absolutely. I would say 5 out of 5 when used with the tent. I can’t recommend it enough when used with the tent."


Media Reviews

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Product Reviews

5 stars: "Well Executed: very nice to have a low energy cost aircon for the summer, plenty of piece of mind knowing you can turn it on and not spend bucket loads."

Channel 9 Today Show with Trevor Long

October 11

"This little Close Comfort portable air conditioner, it’s a big thing for people who are renting, or where you can’t fit an air conditioner to your home.
Now a portable air conditioner, you can sit in a room and normally you got to put it near the window.
This little guy Close Comfort is an Australian innovation, it is $650 but it requires nothing, no pipes going out of the home, so it’s kind of like a portable personal one, you can set up at the end of a bed and it just pushes cool air directly onto you.
You can get portable air-conditioners anywhere from about 300 bucks up to a thousand, but that one there is so portable and, guess what, runs on energy less than four light bulbs, less than 70 cents a night.
That’s a really good thing!

(Due to copyright restrictions we are unable to screen the video: we prepared this transcript of Trevor's remarks about Close Comfort.)


Review on ETFM.com.au by Trevor Long

October 16.  Trevor regularly appears on the Channel 9 Today Show Technology Talk segment.


An interview with inventor James Trevelyan 

Health Professional Radio (October 23)

James talked about some of the health benefits from using Close Comfort.


A video interview with inventor James Trevelyan 

Alex Zharov-Reutt on ITWire.com

Alex has written a long article about Close Comfort based on the interview.  James also talked about how Close Comfort could greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help reduce climate change.


"One of the most important inventions of modern times and in all of human history has been air conditioning, letting us cool the air as required instead of just heating it.
Build a fire when it's cold, or simply put on extra layers, and you'll be warm or warmer, but on hot summer days, you can strip naked and still be boiling hot.
Air conditioning changed all that, and with a friend remarking not long ago that hot and humid Singapore was one of the coldest countries she's ever lived in – because of all the air conditioning in all the buildings she was in for work, living, shopping, eating, and only hot when temporarily outdoors!
So, it is fascinating to see technological evolution once again coming to the fore to deliver unto us new technologies with which to change and improve our lives for the better."

Radio 2UE Sydney Talking Technology

An audio interview with James Trevelyan on October 23.



Herald-Sun Newspaper Melbourne

Page 6, October 22

"More than half of households are worried their power bills will skyrocket the summer, with data showing younger people are feeling the pinch most. A survey shows a whopping 53% of Victorians expect their bills to rise by more than 20% over the summer. The figure reflected the trend nationwide – South Australians were most concerned about rising costs…."  The article explains how Close Comfort could be the solution so many people are looking for to reduce their power bills while still remaining comfortable through the heat of summer.



Product Review by Alex Zaharov-Reutt

ITWire.com, October 16, 2017

"A new air conditioning unit dubbed as "revolutionary" with patented Aussie tech requires no pipes, costs 75c per night and uses a refrigerant, so no water or ice needed.
Australian air-conditioning company Close Comfort has released a portable air-conditioning unit featuring revolutionary patented Australian technology.
If differs from traditional air-conditioners by "offering personal comfort through localised cooling", meaning it "presents a sustainable option and offers significant savings to household energy bills".

Product Review by Leigh Stark on PickR.com

December 15, 2017

"Keeping cool over the summer isn’t easy if you don’t have air conditioning, and for many Australians, that’s a reality they just don’t want to think about. Fans will only keep you so cool, and making a room feel colder is never easy when you lack the required hardware.
Whether it’s because you rent or simply that an air conditioner isn’t a priority, keeping cool can be very, very difficult.
An Aussie invention may be here to save the day, with the Close Comfort already changing things on the other side of the world in Pakistan, and now being brought to the place where its creator hails from."

Leigh makes one comment that needs correction: "If what you’re after is a cooler room ... you may be better off going with a proper portable air conditioner with an air vent attached." 

Actually, a single pipe portable air conditioner will hardly cool a room at all, and may even make it more humid inside.  The pipe causes warm and humid air to be drawn into the room from outside. 

Like Leigh, many people think the hose gets the warm air out of the room.  It does.  But the partial vacuum it creates makes warm and humid air come back into the room, cancelling the cooling effect.

If you need the whole room to be cooled, a conventional split air conditioner does that well, but you need to pay the installation cost and the electricity bills that come later.  Cooling the whole room can be costly with Australian homes where insulation standards are low.  And you have to keep the doors and windows closed.



By Matthew Dunn, 7th January 2017

Matthew has highlighted Close Comfort's effectiveness, though he thought Close Comfort would cool a room full of people. 

It's a personal air conditioner - next time if you want to do that, please use a large (and expensive) split AC, Matthew.  Four people in a room will generate more heat than Close Comfort does.  And remember to keep the window open.