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Green light flashing but no cooling?


The green light flashes while PC9+plus is waiting for its compressor to start. If the compressor does not start after 90 seconds, here are two possible reasons:

a) The room is too cold.  If the ambient temperature is less than 18˚C, the PC9+plus will not switch on the compressor to protect the internal parts from being affected by ice than can form at low temperatures. 

b) In some rare cases, we’ve noticed that if the back flap is used to repeatedly power off the unit, PC9+plus's internal computer can become unresponsive. This is the case if you have no fans or cooling noises and the green LED flashes 6 times in quick succession, pauses, and then flashes again. To rectify, simply unplug PC9+plus from the wall for 10 minutes prior to powering it on again. This resets the internal computer.


Inspecting the filters


If the cooling noticeably decreases, check the filters. You should do this every two weeks. However, you may find the PC9+plus will run much longer without having to clean the filters.

The front filter tends to accumulate more dust than other filters.

Here is a photo of dirty front side filters. The PC9+plus was used for three weeks with a bed tent.

Here is a photo of the back side filter at the same time.

Here is a photo of the front filters after cleaning under running water from a bathroom tap.

Here is a photo of the back filter after cleaning.